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  • Strategy Development

  • Experiential Marketing

  • Live Online Broadcasting

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Video Design &

  • Production

  • Live Meetings & Events

  • Product & Process Training


We are brand storytellers.

We are passionate about telling amazing narratives that illuminate the soul of a brand, and build connections between all those who are connected to it, and build curiosity and interest among those who are new to it.

Since 1999

‘Boutique shop’ agility, innovation, and value…

…built upon ‘big shop’ experience.

Cdg has designed and produced hundreds of headline-making events, industry-leading streaming broadcasts, mobile apps, experiential marketing tours, social media initiatives…and very happy clients.

We’re proud that our client/partners look to cdg to strategize, design, and deliver ground-breaking, effective initiatives that leverage emerging technologies and emotionally engage their shoppers—and deliver quantifiable ROI.

We are absolutely passionate about what we do—and we love working with people who feel the same about their work. Our bench is comprised of some of our industry’s most seasoned creatives, producers, and account managers.

But cdg’s ‘secret sauce’ is how we blend these talents to produce consistently engaging communications that build visceral, emotional connections between our clients’ brands and their audiences.


What We Do…and How

We amplify our clients’ brand stories through the strategic integration of experiential, digital, and social media interactions.

What we don’t do is to slam a ‘solution’ into place without fully understanding our client’s goals and market objectives. We talk to the right people, ask the right questions, assess the pertinent metrics…and develop an effective go-to-market strategy.

cdg’s industry-leading strategies are built upon modern, emerging media channels that reach our audiences in ways that traditional media does not.


Live Online Broadcasting

  • Proprietary cdg engagement technology
  • Extends reach of a live event/executive address
  • Social media integration
  • Click here to learn more about cdg’s broadcast platform: LiveConnect

Social Media Marketing

  • Strategy, Creative and Execution
  • Experiential/Event Integration extends reach
  • Building Likes, Shares, Pins, and Views
  • Metric Tracking, Analysis

Live Meetings & Events

  • Live Events, Press Conferences, Product Launches
  • From Concept to On-Stage Production
  • Scenic Design, Lighting, and Sound Design
  • Talent Booking, Rider Management

Video Production & Online Interactive Media

  • Brand Storytelling
  • Video design, Scripting, Production
  • Website Design, Programming
  • Mobile App Design, Development

Experiential Marketing

  • Promotional Tours, Street & Shopping Center Promotions
  • Entertainment Marketing, etc.
  • Program Design, Logistics, Event Production

Product & Process Training

  • Sales and Profitability Improvement
  • Retail Network Process Improvement
  • Customer & Employee Retention Initiatives

Case Studies

  • “I have been pleased with cdg’s work. They combine detailed focused professionalism and outstanding creativity – a difficult mix to master.”

    — John Krafcik, Former CEO, Hyundai Motor America —
  • “The offsite party at Splashlight Studio…clearly one of the classiest media events I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending.”

    — Peter De Lorenzo, AutoExtremist.com —
  • “It was a spectacular reveal, the best in the show. It will probably be talked about primarily because of cdg’s creative execution.”

    — Dave Zuchowski, CEO, Hyundai Motor America —
  • “cdg’s flawless execution provides the kind of confidence heading into a major event that you just can’t put a price on.”

    — Kevin Oates, Vice President, Ketchum Los Angeles —
  • “I was not sure if I was more impressed with the stuntwomen or with pit crew that transformed the driving arena into a functioning bar within about two minutes.”

    — The New York Times —
  • “We need more broadcasts like this in the future as new technology and products become available.”

    — Dave Rogers, Roseville Toyota —
  • “It is great chase footage and certainly the best-action running footage ever shot to introduce a car to the media at an auto show. May even be a classic.”

    — Marty Bernstein, American International Automobile Dealers —
  • “The broadcast was an excellent way for me to cover the reveal. I highly recommend that such broadcasts become a larger part of the public relations strategy for vehicle reveals or presentations.”

    — Ryan Beene, Automotive News —
  • “The car made a dramatic entrance, lowered by chains from the ceiling into a cloud of smoke and flashing lights.”

    — The Washington Post —
  • “The online broadcast provides a more personal level and feel than reading from a bulletin. I can see the passion that the upper management has for the brand.”

    — David Brown, Royal Hyundai of Oneonta —
  • “I thought it was very cool to see the launch and it was the next best thing to being there in person.”

    — Eric Pribish, Think Tank —


Our Team

Gary Rivera


Gary Rivera

Armelle Feuvrier


Armelle Feuvrier

Maira Gonzalez

Account Manager

Maira Gonzalez

Don Colliver

Creative Director

Don Colliver

Craig Parker

Director – Content Development

Craig Parker

Ed Bernard

Director of Production

Ed Bernard

Phil Weskalnies

Director – Visual Content

Phil Weskalnies

Paul Renner

Online Video Manager

Paul Renner

Rick Dowells


Rick Dowells

Ksenia Lappo

Production Coordinator

Ksenia Lappo

Walt Disney
Panda Express
Paramount Pictures





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